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New publications added on 11 April 2016

Tax Justice & Poverty

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This research and advocacy project, conducted in Germany, Kenya and Zambia, investigates the interrelationships between Tax Justice and Poverty. The basic idea is that, if everybody would pay taxes according to his ability and capacities, African countries would no longer need development assistance, and countries like Germany could rid themselves of debt burden which grew steeply because of events sparked off by the Global Financial and Economical Crisis 2008/2009. The sad fact is, however, that especially the wealthy and big business do not pay that which is due but practice tax avoidance and tax evasion instead. Regarding this bad example, also average taxpayer try to cheat the community by manipulating the tax declaration or working in the informal sector without paying tax and social security contributions. Facing the situation as it is, our questions are:

  • Why is this possible?
  • How is this possible?
  • What can be done against it?

These questions will be dealt with in four areas:

The project is planned to last from 2013-2016, publications are entered as they are available.

We welcome and appreciate your interest and support!

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