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Tax Justice & Poverty

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This research and advocacy project, conducted in Germany, Kenya and Zambia, investigates the interrelationships between Tax Justice and Poverty. The basic assumption was that, if everybody pays taxes according to legal obligation and financial capability, African countries would no longer need financial development assistance, and countries like Germany could rid themselves of debt and invest more in urgent public tasks.

As it turned out, the assumption is justified and there are many parallel developments behind the tight situation of public finances in states as different as Germany/Bavaria, Kenya and Zambia: Competition for investment, residences and corporation headquarters, including tax measures, forced states to accommodate demands of private and corporate wealth-holder because of which the tax burden shifted towards low and middle income households, and a lot of revenue is lost because of aggressive tax avoidance and tax evasion in all segments of society. At the same time, restrictions on public households make governments keep tax administrations understaffed, even though it is them who earn far more in revenue than they cost in salaries and insurance.These and many other aspects are illustrated in:

  • Three reports on the situation in Germany, Kenya and Zambia,
  • „Synthesized“ results from all countries,
  • Analyses regarding Illicit FInancial Flows, the informal/shadow economy and private wealth (right now only for Germany),
  • Ethical considerations regarding Tax Justice
  • The elaboration of policy and advocacy recommendation.

Publications are entered chronologically as they are available.

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